December 29, 2008

February 19, 2008

ZooCity 2008

Well, it's ZooCity again, the one that never sleeps. But as you know, that's not true for all of the City. Everybody needs to rest sometimes. But that's off-topic.
The City I love has beautiful spots and ugly places. Human beings live here and they doing their business. Or simply try to survive. Which is the same, after all.
That Japanese old man, with his olive-green and brown dress, a Jansport rucksack on his back, full of dreams (?), standing in the subway talking to himself, without speaking a word, but writing it all down with his right index finger on his left hand, just to mentally visualize his thaugths...
The couple just in front of me, he overweighted, no-name sneakers and non-fitting jeans, cheap glasses and speed-talking on her - the thin, well-dressed almost beauty-queen from India, who grabs a magazine called "Nylon", just to do something instead of listening to him...
The tall guy in a perfect grey suit, holding his head up high, checking his audience for the right moment to begin his speech, for that they all could share his enlightenment, the message he got for them, but he's hesitating, he's not sure enough yet, he does not grab the handle, he does not falter, he corrects...
ZooCity, and it's alive.

January 04, 2008

Heading for the West

This year is hardly 4 days old and is already getting under way! On Sunday I'll be heading for the Big Apple, Thursday Washington D.C. and then back again.
It feels different than before, somehow cooler, settled, sustainable...
My mind is more open than ever and I look the people in their eyes again.
There's no hesitating, no wavering, just pure me.
That's good.

January 01, 2008


The sun always shines on TV, but in real life it's even more real.

Happy New Year again, world.